Joolz Doyle

Joolz Doyle

Head of Technical Training and Services, Director of Diving, Master Instructor and ERFiT here at Diveshack, Joolz is a former IT consultant who worked for many blue chip companies in the UK.

After having the opportunity (and money) to travel, dive, train and teach in many of the best diving locations in the world. He one day decided to give up corporate life to run away to join the diving circus!

Joolz has now been living and teaching in the Maltese islands for nearly 12 years and is one of the few (if not only) instructors to have worked full time on Gozo and Malta. This means he has extensive knowledge and experience of nearly every dive site in the Maltese islands. He has now over 10,000 dives under his belt and is happy diving to depths of 150m.

Joolz’s favourite training is Technical and was taught by several diving world record holders. With over 24 PADI specialties including Cavern, Joolz is sure he has a course for you to continue your diving education.

For the last 4 years, Joolz has been a PADI ELITE instructor and last year was jointly awarded the PADI Continuing Education award.

With his down to earth Yorkshire training techniques and skills, Joolz will make sure you have the best training, knowledge, Maltese history lessons and FUN you can get. He was also famed in his last article by the Sport Diver magazine crew for “knowing all the best Maltese pie shops!”

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