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  • eLearning Offline (Touch) – Open Water Cert Pak

    eLearning Offline (Touch) – Open Water Cert Pak (no PIC required) Tablet not included

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  • eLearning Online – Advanced Open Water

    eLearning Online – Advanced Open Water (no PIC required)

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  • eLearning Online – Dive Theory

    PADI Dive Theory eLearning contains comprehensive explanations and examples to help you learn about dive physics, physiology, skills, equipment, environmental considerations, decompression theory and the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP). Each of the program’s six-section contains short topics that detail concepts supported by images and graphics. You learn why and how then test your understanding via knowledge check questions. End-of-section assessments verify your mastery of the entire topic and are automatically scored.

    Sections and topics include:

    • Dive Physics – heat, light and sound in water, water pressure, buoyancy and gases underwater
    • Physiology – circulatory and respiratory systems, responses to nitrogen, thermal change, and pressure changes on body air spaces
    • Equipment – scuba systems, cylinders, valves, regulators, gauges and dive computers
    • Dive Skills – buoyancy control, problem management and emergency first aid, navigation, search and recovery, communications, night and altitude diving skills
    • Environment – physical oceanography, current, waves, tides, aquatic life and responsible diving practices
    • Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) – decompression models, dive tables, dive computer use and special rules, recommendations and considerations
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  • eLearning Online – Divemaster

    PADI Divemaster eLearning. Learn the basic principles of the course through PADI’s interactive eLearning program at your own pace and on your own time.
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