Apply for our PADI Scuba Diving Instructor internship and MSDT Prep and graduate as a PADI Instructor for FREE*.  Diveshack has two full-time PADI Course Directors & Tec Instructor Trainers (Rita Vella & Lee Smallwood Cassar) who provide instructor internships on a regular basis including all the dives needed for admission to the PADI IDC & PADI IE.

Diveshack’s diving instructor internship programme also includes free standard dive equipment use (if required), and much more. In exchange for this as a PADI diving instructor intern you participate fully in all dive center operations as assigned by the manager.

After successfully completing your diving instructor internship we include a job offer*.  This combination is a unique opportunity to gain the necessary experience, as a newly qualified instructor, that will benefit you as you move on to other countries looking to find employment as a PADI Instructor. You will shadow experienced instructors gaining valuable practical insights and experience on how to conduct all the PADI courses and experiences PLUS continue to benefit from our professional advice.

*  Please contact us for terms & conditions.

After Certification

After certifying as a PADI Instructor with Diveshack, when teaching under the guidance of senior instructor you will:

  • Learn how to structure your daily courses and accommodate various schedules
  • Earn certifications and work towards achieving your MSDT rating – these are earned…not guaranteed
  • Have real-life experience – this is no longer your IDC – this is the application of what you’ve learned for safety & standards, people, sales, group management, etc.

However, it is not just about teaching under the guidance of a senior instructor. Our free internship is an immersive intro to working as an instructor. This means that you will be teaching under supervision but also performing all duties expected of our instructors in all aspects of the dive center such as course admin, sales, social media, talking to guests, anything else that comes up. We are also happy to extend the internship but only if circumstances allow.

During the internship we expect you to act as a professional at all times, this includes adhering to our work-hours, wearing Diveshack at all times, and being part of the team reporting the Dive Centre Manager.

You will be interacting with our guests and staff, and we reserve the right to cancel the internship at any time due to the candidate being unprofessional or not fulfilling their obligations.

You will also be part of the dive team, and as team work in the dive centre is the most important thing we reserve the right to cancel the internship at any time due if the candidates does not gel as part of the team.

On the flip side, we often hire full-time instructors and dive manager trainees from our internship as the time with us gives us a chance to know you – and you us!


Our coaching and mentorship will help you gain valuable experience and skills:

  • Learn how to structure, organise, plan, execute, market, and follow PADI standards in various environments
  • Receive practical feedback and advice on teaching techniques and timings
  • PADI website procedures for online PIC processing
  • Paperwork consistency training
  • Shop procedures overview and training
  • Dive overviews – safety, dive site review and how to teach within, practical assessments (did you earn the certification?), tide charts & swell, general considerations, insurance, etc.

What will be expected of me?

  • Understand our shop procedures including customer registration, log books, front office, equipment rooms & rental check outs, computers / compasses, dive planning, classroom, boat procedures, range and price of courses offered, etc.
  • Show up prepared – study and bring your slates, know your standards – paperwork and practical, and dive requirements – you will not just be assisting, you will be teaching entire courses!

Prerequisites for the Dive Instructor internships

Diving related Credentials

  • You need to hold a renewed/active PADI Divemaster certification or equivalent from another federation. 
  • Participants need to be free of any medical contraindications to scuba diving and obtain a medical certificate saying they are fit for diving. This can be obtained locally using one of our diving doctors.

Non-diving related Credentials

  • You have to be fluent in English, and speak one or more of the following; Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian or Dutch.
  • Furthermore you need to be an enthusiastic, hardworking, safety oriented and service minded individual with excellent people skills.
e.g. where have you worked?